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How to drain your RV Water Heater

If you are not going to use your rv water heater for a while and or you are getting ready to winterize your camper here are the basics for draining your rv water heater. We are amazed how many inner tanks we see split open from freezing. Draining your water heater is 100% insurance that your water heater tank will not burst from freezing.


First, you need to turn off any power supply that goes to your water heater. This can be done at the switch but we think the breaker and fuse is always the best. Second, you want to make sure the L.P. Gas is shut off. Third, you want to make sure there is no water pressure and that your pump is turned of and or your exterior fresh water hose is disconnected. Fourth, if you have a water heater by-pass make sure you have it in the correct position. Fifth, open the front exterior door to the camper water heater. Depending on the brand of water heater you have, you will either have an anode rod that needs removed or a plug. The Suburban rv water heaters have an anode rod where the Atwood rv water heaters do not. They are lined and do not need one. Before removing either of these you should lift the handle on the safety valve to release any pressure in the tank. The water will drain faster if you leave the safety valve in the open position.