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It’s so easy---Changing Your RV Cabinet Hardware

 Have you ever been in your RV, and you want your cabinet door to come open in but it will not. Have you ever been in your RV and wanted one of your cabinet doors to stay shut, but it would not ? You are not alone. In my experience with recreational vehicles, I've talked to numerous campers that experienced one or both of these problems more than once. This does not have to be, but often is the case. We are always going to fix them when we get home, and then forget until were on the road again. Sometimes we just need to make a repair into a project of love. Well, a project anyway.

Fixing an RV cabinet door latch, knob, lock, or any other cabinet hardware is not the most fun thing to do. If we try, we truly can have some fun doing it and at the same time make life in our RV more enjoyable, but also can give the RV a new look. Not to mention the safety factor of what would be accomplished. Most RV cabinet hardware can be changed with just a screwdriver. The difficult thing to do is choosing the cabinet hardware one wants. Maybe one does not want to change all the hardware but rather just the one that's broke. If your like me and the button is off my shirt I usually just put the one back on that needs to be replaced. There are times you can't find a button to match it. Usually when this happens we get one as close as we can. The same is often true with a cabinet latch.

Usually, campers only think of changing a cabinet latch or lock when it's broken, or they're remodeling their RV. Which ever the case might be in all actuality it's an inexpensive fix or remodel. Whether you go to your local RV dealer or do your shopping online, finding cabinet hardware that is similar and quite possibly an exact match is not a tough task. Most RV dealers keep a decent selection of hardware in their store, and if you're looking online, you can probably see about everything that's available. Changing your cabinet hardware is also a terrific way to give your recreational vehicle a new look without spending a ton of money. You can improve the over all look of your RV cabinets with new cabinet hardware. One can update the look of your cabinets with little effort or experience. As I mentioned earlier, most cabinet hardware can be replaced with a simple screwdriver.

Making a decision whether to replace your cabinet hardware with the same hardware or not, often depends on the style that is on your RV. But before changing or choosing the new hardware, try and think of the problems that you have had in the past with the style you now have. This should help in your decision as to what cabinet hardware you might choose. Whether it's a concealed positive latch, positive door latch, bulldog catches, or roller catches, will determine what you can change. If you can actually change that style. If you're not sure, a simple call to your local RV dealer or your parts online dealer is a good option. I feel confident they can give you the information needed to help you make a good decision. Sometimes we just need to make a repair into a project of love. Well, a project anyway.

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When one is looking for RV cabinet hardware, there are five categories that fit that description. This article will help the one trying to explain what it is they are looking to get. The five types of hardware are catches, hinges, latches, struts, and knobs.

RV cabinet catches are available in various types. Among them are magnetic, concealed, barrel, roller, and positive catches. While there are a few more, these would be the most popular. When one searches for this product it is easy to determine what kind by images on a part site.

Magnetic catches are just that. A magnetic catch will have a magnet on one end and a piece of metal on the other. The concealed catches are much bulkier and come in various sizes. They will be an exceptionally identifiable style, but one must get the proper length. The barrel catch is a commonly used catch. Again, very identifiable because it will usually have two round barrels with a metal piece that snaps over it. Roller catches are also easy to identify because they have rollers. Positive catches are a little harder to describe than the barrel catches, but will be easy to discern on a site with images.

RV Cabinet Hinges are a little easier to get the correct ones. Once again with all the images that are available on RV parts sites it will be easy for one to find the correct hinges. They are usually available in three colors and various styles.

RV Cabinet Latches are going to be like the catches we discussed earlier. They come in various styles and colors. The main difference between the two is that the latches usually require a thumb or finger to operate it.

RV Cabinet Struts and supports will be much longer and round. The most common use of this hardware would be on cabinet doors that are often up when open. The strut or support will then hold the cabinet door in the up position until one puts it down.

Knobs are probably the easiest to identify. They are also the easiest to remove and replace. If one cannot find the same exact knob, it will be easy to find one close. With the ease of replacement, one can choose to replace all the knobs if one wants them to be identical.

The great thing about RV cabinet hardware is that almost all RV websites sell this product. They will have excellent images to help identify what one needs.

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