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Flush Mount Pedestal Table Leg Base
Flush Mount Pedestal Table Leg Base
Regular Price: $10.99
On Sale For: $8.59 
Surface Mount Pedestal Table Leg Base
Surface Mount Pedestal Table Leg Base
Regular Price: $10.99
On Sale For: $8.59 
18" RV Pedestal Table Leg
Regular Price: $14.69
On Sale For: $10.87 
21" RV Pedestal Table Leg Only
Regular Price: $14.69
On Sale For: $12.87 
25-1/2" RV Pedestal Table Leg Only
Regular Price: $14.99
On Sale For: $13.99 
27-1/2" RV Pedestal Table Leg Only
Regular Price: $15.30
On Sale For: $13.49 
29-1/2" RV Pedestal Table Leg Only
Regular Price: $15.89
On Sale For: $13.95 
31-1/2" RV Pedestal Table Leg Only
Regular Price: $16.96
On Sale For: $12.99 
Adjustable RV Table Leg
Adjustable RV Table Leg
Fold-Up RV Table Leg, 30-1/2
Fold-Up RV Table Leg, 30-1/2"
Regular Price: $20.20
On Sale For: $18.88 
Regular Price: $9.39
On Sale For: $7.73 
Drop Leaf RV Table Support,  Antique Finish
Drop Leaf RV Table Support, Antique Finish
Regular Price: $22.33
On Sale For: $19.64 
Folding RV Shelf Brackets
Folding RV Shelf Brackets
Regular Price: $17.67
On Sale For: $15.35 
Folding Shelf Brackets
Folding Shelf Brackets
Regular Price: $36.29
On Sale For: $29.83 
Folding Table Leg Brackets
Folding Table Leg Brackets
Regular Price: $51.29
On Sale For: $39.60 
Table Hinge Bracket,  Kit
Table Hinge Bracket, Kit
Regular Price: $29.71
On Sale For: $25.10 
Table Hinge Bracket, Bracket Hinge Only (1)
Table Hinge Bracket, Bracket Hinge Only (1)
Regular Price: $7.29
On Sale For: $6.44 
Table Hinge Bracket, Table Plate Only (1)
Table Hinge Bracket, Table Plate Only (1)
Regular Price: $6.99
On Sale For: $5.91 
Table Hinge Bracket, Wall Plate Only (1)
Table Hinge Bracket, Wall Plate Only (1)
Regular Price: $6.97
On Sale For: $5.88 
Table Hinge Bracket, Wire Only
Table Hinge Bracket, Wire Only
Regular Price: $12.38
On Sale For: $10.85 


RV and Camper Table Legs and Supports

RV and Camper Table legs are available in multiple lengths and two different styles of bases.. RV Pedestal Table Legs starts at 18 1/2 inches up to 31 1/2 inches. The table leg is measured from end to end without being connected to the table base. The bases will be either a flush mount or surface mount.

RV and Camper Table leg bases usually are either round flush mounts or round cone bases.  RV Adjustable table legs usually range from 24 to 29 inches. Travel trailers and motorhomes use table legs of both types, but the round table legs are most common in travel trailers and fifth wheels where the adjustable table legs are more common in a motorhome. Fold down campers often use a hinged table leg.If you can't find the rv or camper table legs that you need e-mail us at orders@rvpartsdealer.com

RV Table Legs and Bases- Our round table legs are strong light weight and tubular in shape. The tubluar ends are pressure fitted at top and bottom making the table legs easy to fit. The rv table leg measurement includes the standard table base on top and bottom.

The adjustable folding table legs are rounded square shaped. (the table leg is square but the edges are rounded). The table legs lock in the up or down position. The adjustable table legs can be adjusted from 24inches to 29 inches. Th folding table leg is 30 1/2 inches long.

There is also the Rv table leg and base system by ITC. This system is stable and secure the locking rv table leg into the table floor base. The rv leg posts are available in 22 and 27 inch lengths.

There is also a square folding rv table leg by Kwikee. This rv table leg is is chromed steel with protective rubber tip. This table leg come 30 1/2 inches long and can be cut to length.

People often get confused when trying to repair their camper table mounts or bases. That is easily understandable, because of the lack of information about doing so. I hope this information will help the do-it-yourselfer when trying to make a repair on a recreational vehicle table.

The most common tables are done with round the legs and surface or recessed mounting bases. The legs usually range in size from 18 inches to 31 1/2 inches long. Some tables are supported with just one leg while others are supported with two.

The installation bases are the round recessed mountable base, or the round surface mount base. The recessed base will sit flush with the floor and not have anything protruding upward. The service mount base will protrude upward approximately 2 1/2 to 3 inches.

If the protrusions are not an issue, they will be the most easily installed. The bases have preset holes in them already, and you just screw the base to the bottom of the table and to the floor. The leg is just inserted into the base to form the table support. The height of the table can be set by simply purchasing the correct table leg length.

If the protrusions are an issue, you’ll have to cut a hole in the floor to set the flush mount base into place. While this is not a hard project, it is one that you want to measure twice and cut once.

There also a couple of other methods of table building or repair. One of the common methods would be the table hinge bracket kit. It includes a wall plate, table plate, and the bracket hinges. This type of table will swing down or hinge down to lay flat between the table seats. This installation will be more time-consuming, and most likely more expensive.

Often times you choose to use a rv table hinge bracket kit you’ll also have to use an adjustable folding table leg. These two come in different sizes, and need to be sized properly to match where you are placing the hinge kit onto the wall. Be careful if you are ordering this type of product, it is easy to confuse an adjustable folding leg with the non-adjustable folding leg.

You can find all of these parts on a site that sells RV parts and accessories. Most of your local RV dealerships or repair facilities will often have these in stock as well.