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What Will The 2014 Travel Trailers Be Like?
Every year around June the RV dealers in America begin to hear the same question. What will the new model changes be? One might be surprised at the early answer.

Every manufacturer changes over the model year differently. It has been a topic for many years. As an industry, we can not seem to agree on a release date. It also seems one manufacturer is always trying to beat the other manufacturers to the draw.

The correct answer to what one might see different is simple. The year identified on the title. That is correct! When product changes over, may times it is just a new model year with no changes. The manufacturers usually showcase the new changes at a dealer show. This was once a very anticipated event in the November or December time frame. That is no longer true.

Forest River changed the whole format single handily. Now almost every single manufacturer has followed suit. The event takes place in Elkhart, Indiana in September. It has been at the forefront of conversation whether the other show will continue to exist.

Now in September dealers can travel to the capital of the RV world in the Elkhart area and see almost every make, model, color, and much more at the newer venue. This is done much easier due to the simple ease of logistics.

What one sees in June is just a title change and some very insignificant changes. As a consumer, you have a couple of choices. Most usually the new models are the same price as the old one, but with little change. This allows for somewhat of an advantage when you are ready to trade. If you are looking for change, one must wait to see them. Usually the best time to see these are at the winter or early spring shows. Then in just a few months the new models will be out, and it starts all again.

You can now see why it is such a controversy in the RV industry. Just when you are in the middle of the selling season the model year changes. This is not the best scenario for the RV dealer by any measure. It is the hope of most dealers that somehow that the industry can find its way back to a reasonable release date.

The later release date would allow dealers to finish out their season with the same model year and not fight the problems that the early release date brings with it. Hope is a great word. So let us hope.

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